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With the experience and equipment we have at our disposal, Norseman HDD Underground Solutions is well positioned to oversee your specialized drilling requirements and utility service throughout Saskatchewan.

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Horizontal directional drilling is the smart way to work with utilities

Our services include:

Hydro Excavation

By using pressurized water to remove soil, hydro excavation is an accurate and non-destructive way to expose any underground infrastructure. If you require a test hole, our potholing/daylighting services are second to none. We’ll ensure your team is able to work with confidence without causing damage to existing services.


Not all jobs require specialty directional drilling. Not surprisingly, the scale and location of the project should ultimately dictate your choice. For example, if you’re responsible for starting a project in an abandoned field where ground disturbance isn’t an issue, trenching is the cost-effective way to go. And we can definitely help!


Similar to trenching, plowing is suitable for a wide range of jobs. This technique facilitates pipe installation (about 1.5 in.) in situations where you can afford to be closer to the surface. We have the equipment and experience to provide this service upon request.

Miscellaneous Excavation

Norseman HDD Underground Solutions employs a small track hoe if you require a large trench or access to existing underground services for repair or maintenance purposes.

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